Our main area of work is non-contentious divorces and mediation with regards to child care and asset distribution.

  • We seek to uphold the right of every child to have a relationship, access to both their parents unless contact is undesirable for the child’s upbringing
  • We help our clients you navigate the legal implications of marriage breakdown.
  • Our experienced team will assist you where possible to reach agreed settlement in terms of deciding the future care of your children and division of any assets.
  • We assist parents in making concreter and agreed plans about parenting after their divorce. Ensure the interests of their children are catered for. We aim to secure agreements about where the child will reside, with which parent, the school the child will attend, medical care provision, what religion, if any that the child will follow, permission for school activities, where and with whom holidays will be spent, contact with extended family members, trips abroad, curfews etc. All the practical matters that can cause friction if not properly managed.
  • We advocate mediation to resolve child care and asset distribution without recourse to court action to alleviate the stress and anxiety that often comes with the dissolution of marriages

We specialise in divorce in instances of domestic violence for immigrants on spousal visas.


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